Indicator continuously switching itself on

  • Strange problem. During a trip in the highlands, after having gone through a few puddles that were slightly (!) deeper than anticipated, I now have the left indicator continuously coming on. The only way to switch it off is to first push the left indicator switch and then to switch it of in the normal way (right hand cancel switch). If I don't use the left indicator switch, although the indicator is already on/blinking, I can't switch it of with the right hand cancel switch. It comes on every two-three seconds and the distance switch-off (forgotten indicator) won't switch it of as well. I have blown air through the left hand switch, but somehow the fact that I need to use it in order to be able to cancel it gives me the idea the switch is OK. We have been riding the last few days in continuous rain, sometimes heavy, so there must be some humidity somewhere...........The switching sequence has me completely puzzled.......Time for the thinking cap!!

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