K100 mass electrical intermittent fault

  • Last week I noticed some strange behaviour with my right blinker controls. The other night My headlight/instrument illumination was flashing with the road vibrations. Later, I had left control problems.

    Last night I was faced with limited headlight in the dark. I found that if I kept the engine above 3,500 the headlight would glow brighter but it would still kick in and out with the road vibrations. I also found that if I accelerated it would help and braking would make it worse (nothing to do with revs but probably to do with leaning back and forth). Leaning left also made it worse.

    Blinker cancel sometimes makes both sides come on just when I hold the control. Last night I stopped in the dark. Starter button caused the fuel pump to activate but not the starter motor. I could push start the bike. Starter worked again later.

    The engine is not affected by this. Playing with the fuses makes no difference. Fiddling in the dark with the box under the tank did not help.

    I remember reading in the old forum that we sometimes have grounding problems. Could this be the problem and where are these grounding points?

  • Hi Joe,
    you've to replace charcoal from starter. They're giving Ground to harness and if there is no contact to collector light fails.

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=0506&mospid=51749&btnr=12_1632&hg=12&fg=41" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do ... g=12&fg=41</a><!-- m -->

    #11 and #13

    best, Michael

  • Really? If I had a year to find this problem I would never have looked at the starter motor :lollol:

    Luckily I have a spare starter motor. I think I could do this one in my driveway, should only take an hour.

  • OK, I tried this but I could not get my passenger to stand still :mrgreen:

    It works. Thank you. This has saved me so much trouble.

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