Lights Flickering

  • Hello from sunny (Wine Country) Northern California, U.S.

    I'm the original owner of a 1985 K100RT with 189K miles. I'm fully aware of the electronic glitches inherited with this model, but I'm stumped over this latest issue. Occasionally my lights will flicker when my tachometer hits 2.5 RPM. Goes completely away above or below that mark. Never does the motor stall or cut-out. I ride daily and commute 110 miles per day....rain or shine. Note: I have done 100% of the service and repairs since day one

    Despite the aging technology and suspension I still love riding this motor and will ride it till the wheels fall off. No hesitation packing the bags and riding across the country, and have done so 4 times.

    So, anyone with suggestions
    Thanks in advance
    Leni Metro

  • And if I were You, I would check the brushes of the starter (# 11 and # 13)


    "Technischer Fortschritt ist wie eine Axt in den Händen eines pathologischen Kriminellen."
    Albert Einstein

  • Thank you gentleman,

    The brushes on the alternator make sense, since it's constantly in motion. However, I'm surprised about changing the starter brushes?. It fires up instantly and without hesitation.

    Decided to order replacement brushes for both units.

    Leni Metro

  • The carbon brushes in the starter complete the ground circuit even when the starter is not in use. When the gap between the carbon brushes and the rotor opens due to carbon brush wear, you have an intermittant loss of ground, and the lights and instruments behave erratically. Some of the behaviors are down right bizarre, unitl you realize what the problem is.

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