what fuel will be appropriate ?

  • Hello
    I'm new here.
    Recently I bought a K100RS 1985 year (?).
    VIN: 001898X
    Engine: 104EA2884169XX
    What fuel will be appropriate for him?
    Leaded gasoline (substitutes) or unleaded gasoline?
    Thank you for the hint.

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  • Quote from "Edi73"

    Leaded gasoline (substitutes) or unleaded gasoline?
    Thank you for the hint.

    Hallo Edi,

    tell us your milage please,
    oder auf gut Polnisch die Kilometerleistung bitte ;)

  • Hi Edi,

    regular fuel (unleaded) will be ok.
    BMW said that also the new E10 fuel with Bioethanol will be ok but nobody have long time experiance with this so I do not recommend the E10 fuel.

    BTW: a warm welcome here at FLYINGBRICK :thumbup:

    Viele Grüße
    vom OLLI

    Ich stürze nur im äußersten Notfall!

  • My K100 RS has 56000km on clock.
    Nobody know is real or not.
    7000 km is mine.

    I ask about fuel becouse I accidentally look on BMW__k100 & k75 Haynes Manual, chapter 5, section 21.
    My English is not good enough, but I have some doubts about the fuel.
    My engine is from 28 week of 1984 year.
    If am I right only engine from 1985 and later can use unleaded.
    Of course I could be wrong, my English is poor.
    So I wrote here, on flyingbrick.

    Thank you for your interest

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  • Hi
    received a response from BMW Motorrad Direct
    doubts dispelled

    Your BMW K 100 RS-2V motorcycles must be operated with petrol with an octane rating of
    at least 95 ROZ. However, your K 100 RS-2V is not factory-equipped for unrestricted use
    of unleaded petrol. For this reason we recommend you to use wear protection additives.
    Additives of this kind are available in bottles from reputable manufacturers. As no
    negative experiences have become known so fare, these fuel additives are tolerated for
    BMW bikes. These additives have to be used in the quantities recommended by the

    Kind Regards,
    BMW Motorrad Direct


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