Markings and notches on gear box internal

  • Hello!
    The Shoganai form K11OG is making renovation of K1100 gear box.
    On pictures one can see factory pain markings and some notches on gears tooth. It looks like factory made. Do You have any idea what for they are?
    If some one would be so kind and pass that question to German language part of forum - my curiosity is very big :).

    Best regards,

  • No - no idea ,
    but he made very good pic´s
    for those who know what they do :mrgreen:

    bitte Getriebefreaks melden

    Ein Y-Chromosom macht das Leben unbeschwert

    Grüße von Olaf aus H-U

  • Quote from "zonenfeile"

    but he made very good pic´s

    SHE - Shoganai is a woman :D with two K1100 RS in her garage and some awesome trips through US.

    Best regards

  • Rafal, cant speak to the paint, but the only reason I could think of for the other markings, as there are some on the shaft ends as well, would be where the gear/shaft was mounted up or secured for machining.

  • Hi

    I think that color marks were used at the factory assembly line to install correct adusting shims. Possibly the sequence was like that:
    1. Shafts were assemblied measured and marked.
    2. Gearbox casing was also measured and marked after machining.
    3. Factory worker checked color marks at shafts and gearbox casing and used correct adjusting shims.

    Example here
    [attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->shim.JPG<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]


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