Ignition Setting

  • Set the TPS'n (Throttle-position sensor) and now the ignition setting. Much easier than expected.
    Removed the T-cover over the ignition sensor and light sensor plate, put into 5'an and turned the engine bu hand at the rear wheel until it looked look like the image below ( behind the ignition sensor plate).
    Reinstall the plate loosely (where the cutting in the plate match the extension in crankcase house where on of the arrows are lockated as in the picture) so that you can turn it by hand.
    Ignition on, first turn the plate clockwise and then counterclockwise until the fuel pump buzzing on. Repeat this a few times until you find the position when the pump start to run.
    Lock the ignition sensor plate, refit all covers and casings. And take a test drive. Good luck.
    [Blocked Image:]

  • I'm off now to a Weekend trip in Swedish Lappland mostly on gravel roads.
    A LT are not that bad on gravel big and narrow tyres vs. heavy weight makes a great countact pressure.
    Lose arms, looking ahead on the road to select the path in general and let the bike do the minor adjustment of the path.
    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjMg2LCe9_E .
    Last years adventure : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRa-WToRm1s
    PS. Me and the K11LT are at 2.59, 4.02 and 5.30 in the movie. ( I'm the "lumberjack" with blue white checker shirt at 5.30 ).

    Have a nice WE

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  • Video works fine. With Firefox and an special Add-on! :lollol:

    "Technischer Fortschritt ist wie eine Axt in den Händen eines pathologischen Kriminellen."
    Albert Einstein

  • Bike runed well, 4.8 at avg 90 and 5.3 at avg 120.
    The challange to ride in lappland local roads are distance between petrol station could be up to 150km.
    But the rider got the flue and had to ride home today.
    We did have great weather and roads but with a weak body I had to surrender.

    Hope to be fit for new challenges soon like set the ignition mapping on the -77 R100RS / Krausser 4V.

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