Sidecar 4 K1100LT

  • Hi
    We are into mount Ural sidecars to our K1100 bikes for winterrides.
    Thought of beeing a bit technical freek and CAD/FEM a additional frame mounted to the engine and bike frame for the sidecar mounting.
    Before modeling the engine in 3D, anyone has a 3D model of the engine+gearbox or a scetch of a additional frame to mount the sidecar frame on.

    BTW. renovated the gearbox of the K1100LT to be shure it will take the extra power.
    Will mount a extra battery in the sidecar and a extra fueltank as the ridingdistance on a fill up will decerase. Have some ideas of how to fill up the std tank during ride but are open for any ideas.

    PS: needed a projekt to tickle my fantasy. Last project was to improve a-76 R100RS with krausser 4V engine.
    And also like to attend to the krystall rally in Gol/Norway on my own bike.

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