Swap swingarm final drive K1100 with a R1150RS

  • Eduard

    You may want to get in contact with Notten Motoren VOF in Brunssum. Anton did some nice conversions of K1100's , and if I remember correctly once implemented an R1100 swingarm in a K1100 frame. He may have some ideas on how to make the R1150 swingarm work as well, though I could imagine that this is quite some work.

    If you had to deal with the German TUV, I'd second Peters opinion though.

    Rgds, Dominik

    Dominik ZH

    K1300GT (ZW03566, 8.09) / K1100R (ex RS) (0199457, 4.94) / K100RS 16V (0203406, 4.91)

  • Hi Eduard,

    popping in...

    throwing questions...


    How about introducing yourself to the community?

    Anyhow, welcome to Flyingbrick.

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