17. International Flyingbrick Meeting 2018 in Oberboehringen

  • We would like to invite you to our 17. International Flyingbrick Meeting which takes place in Bad Ueberkingen-Oberboehringen.Oberboehringen is located approx. 50 km east of Stuttgart on the Swabian Alps, a much-loved motorcycle region with a beautiful countryside.

    Our colleagues from the Stuttgarter Stammtisch have planned great routes and sightseeing events for our visitors. (Thank you for that, guys!) Our garage tent (supplied by Kupplungsdoktor) is on-site for any help needed. You will meet a lot of friendly people with the same interests and a high level of knowledge about our BMWs.

    Come along and have a great time! ;)

    The Bikeweek will take place from: Sunday, 17. June, until Sunday, 24. June 2018. Arrivals are possible every day, but please sign up as soon as possible (Meals ect. must be calculated and we only a have limited amount of rooms.)

    We need the exact day of arrival and departure and the information if you are camping, need a double room or a single room and -of course- if you would like half board (I would recommend this). Rooms with showers are no longer available, but showers and toilets are on all corridors within a short walking distance of your rooms. Showers and toilets are also available for campers.

    Camping: € 7/night
    Double room: € 46/night
    Single room: € 26/night
    Dogs in the room: € 20 (a one-off payment)

    Half board (includes breakfast and supper from a buffet): € 15 per day and person.
    Please inform me in case of allergies or chronic illness. We will try our best to get suitable food for you.

    Attendance fee: € 5 per participant (a one-off payment).

    Visitors tax: € 0,50 per day to be payed on arrival.

    For additional information and for reservations, please send us an e-mail at the following address: TatjanaK1200RS@flyingbrick.de
    Please don´t forget to insert into the subject line: FB-Meeting 2018 and your personal nick name.

    Please note that reservations are only possible at the above named e-mail address and are not possible at the accommodation. Thank you very much.

    Kind regards from the Swabian Alps


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