Mine K1100RS dyno run

  • Hello!
    Thanks to Matt's initiative a was able to make a dyno run of 1995 K1100RS.
    Here is the plot:
    [Blocked Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_x23a0mqH3hU/TZlYOXgSucI/AAAAAAAAChE/C-uk-YjNELM/s144/hamownia_BMWK1100RS.jpg%22%20height=%22400%22%20width=%22254%22]

    Too sum up: 95,4 BPH @8000 on clutch and 92,8 Nm @ 5970 . Quite well for almost 100 000 Km and over 15 years old engine.
    One thing that make me not sleep well is torque loss, ~ 14 Nm loss, and poor result on fumes probe -> problems with combustion -> valve clearance, valve burn out or compression problem. The investigation is ongoing ;).

    And just for amusement the video (the guy on the bike is the Matt ;) )

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  • 82.3 "wheel horsepower" looks good. My somewhat modified K-100 puts 72.5 horses to the rear wheel, and it is considered to be strong for what it is. A K-1100 ought to have ten more ponies than an old two valve K-100.
    What would be more interesting are the results of a compression check and a leakdown check. My bet is that your engine is tight, maybe 2% leakdown if that. 100K miles is nothing on these engines. 100K kilometers, heck that is barely broken in. You should have no wear to mention at such a low mileage.

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