Bike won't start???

  • Problem:

    Bike will not start after having been down, once in a while a backfire. Continued starting will result in fuel in the exhaust. On occasion it sounds as if she will pick up, but dies again. This whilst playing with the throttle a bit. We had her running for some time on Sunday, but the next day it was same old.....

    What we have done:

    Check battery voltage - OK
    Check injector pulse with LED – OK
    Check loom between injectors and ECU – OK
    Check injector resistance – OK (16 Ohm)
    Check injectors outside of engine – OK (bit of doubt about the amount, but they all 'squirt' – OK
    Check fuel pressure – OK (after change of pump and fuel pressure regulator)
    Check fuel hoses – OK (part renewed)
    Check fuel return to tank - OK
    Check coils – OK (Prim 2.5, sec 12.5K)
    Check FI computer – OK (replaced with known good part, same issues)
    Check the spark plugs – OK (the 'in-line-tell-tale light' blinks)
    Check the AMM – OK (Flap moves, electrically measured and is OK)
    Check connection between AMM and plenum – OK
    Check cooling water temp sensor – OK (2.5K at 20C)
    Cleaned all connectors in sight

    Still to do:

    Check compression, however bike has ran OK
    Measure amps during starting

    Ceremonially burn the bike!

    On completion:

    Oil change

    I appreciate your thoughts on possible other items we can look into. Thanks!

  • Kurbelwellensensor, named as Hallgeber...

    placed under the little front cover right side. Workaround is to change it with somebody for testing.

    All plugs are really connected? Ignition box in front frame space under fuel tank and injection box under the seat?

    Good luck. Don't burn it!

    Schöne Grüsse, Ralf CH

  • Good morning Rene,

    checking is good - but renewing is better.
    I would start over with new spark plugs and new HT leads.

    Good luck, Pezi

  • Hi Rene,

    yes, renew spark plugs...
    I had these syptoms when I renewed the spark plugs and started it only for a few seconds to know motor's running again and switched off.
    Never start it for only a few seconds!!!

    Next start it showed the symptoms you're facing.
    Eventually I convinced the engine to start and let it run for 10-15 minutes.
    After this everything was fine.

    Viele Grüße aus Bückeburg-Cammer (Nähe Minden) von Jens
    +++ K100RS 4V ABS1 '91er im K1100RS Kleid in perlmuttweissmetallic +++ und einen großen Tanker +++
    ...Schlurf, Tock - Schlurf, Tock...

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