HT coil failure ?

  • I think I'm having trouble with my 1 / 4 cyl HT coil, bike is runing powerless and missfiring, plugs are shooty and primary coil has droped to 1.5 ohms. Waht are the options for aftermarket coils?.
    In the mean time, as the problem begun during a heavy rain ride, I´m trying to restore primary resistence by oven drying, any one has experience doing this? I´m keeping temp under 85ºC and for oven time of two ours resistence has raised to almost 1,9 ohms.

    Best regards

  • Hi JAP.

    Primary resistance seems to be normal. In manual for my K1100LT is shown
    primary ~ 0,5 Ohm
    secondary ~ 13 kOhm.
    But my coils are not the same as yours.
    And considering possible inacuracies of measurment and Ohmmeter I think primary circuit is O.K.

    What about HT leads? Fault pattern looks like HT lead is defective.
    I had a problem like this. I,ve found misfiring cylinder and removed metal cap from spark plug side of HT lead. Engine began to work normally. Then lead was replaced.
    Also you can swap coils (Only coils 1-4 to 2-3 and vice versa) and look does the problem move to other cylinder. Thus you check coils.

    Good luck,

  • Hi Victor, thanks, I´ll be working on the leads.
    Primary resistence for k100 is 2,5 ohm. I´d checked them in december and both were fine, now cyl 1/4 (the suspect faulty one) is 1,5 and 2/3 is 2,5.
    Best regards

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