2011 Beachcomber's 6th Annual Pig Roast

  • OK guys,

    looks like it's on. :thumbup::thumbup:
    I'll be at Reichenau from the 29th. July > 8th. August.

    That looks like 29th. / 31st. July for the BBQ.

    I'll confirm after I've spoken with my pal Guenter.

    Usual suspects can mail me on <!-- e --><a href="mailto:von-heyda@hotmail.co.uk">von-heyda@hotmail.co.uk</a><!-- e -->.

    Uwe, Michael, Volkmar - I'll be in touch. :cool:

  • Or a long break Uwe ......................... :thumbup::evil:

    OK this year. my good pal Guenter will definitely be there - he is the master chef - so REALLY GOOD BBQ this year! :cool:

    He has also bought his own beer cooler / dispenser - so again the good Bautzen bier on draught.

    Plenty of beds for those who come early - and plenty of floor space for anyone else ! :lollol:

  • Hi guys,

    sorry but it looks as if we must cancel the Pig Rost this year. :cry:

    Several of our normal guests have had to change their plans, so it makes sense to cancel and make 2012 arrangements as soon as possible !

    Sorry again


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