Radio ausgefallen

  • Hi

    Can't type the code to the radio, no digits apears in the display nither starts the radio. Green background lights goes on in the ignition-radio and ignition-ignition position.
    Put it in K11LT#2 with the same result but as we reinstalled the radio from bike#2 into K11LT#2 we could type the code and that radio works fine in bike#2.
    Common error seems to be within radio#1.

    What can we test?

  • Hi

    I don't remember exactly :oops: , but possibly radio locked after 3 wrong code input attempts. To unlock the possibility of code input there must be some button combination or similar. If possible find user manual. There were some words about this situation.
    If we are talking about original Clarion...


  • Hi!

    Look what I've found here.

    I had this problem. Finally got the right info. You have to turn the radio and ignition off. Hold down the button on the upper right hand of the radio, turn on ignition and radio and the blank screen on the radio will light up, enter the code back in !

    Possibly it can help.


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