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Progressive springs recommendation

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    • Progressive springs recommendation

      I am thinking about investment in fork springs. What experience do You have with different brands of springs available for K1100?
      And can anyone post here German search text for for mentioned springs?

      Best regards,
    • Re: Progressive springs recommendation

      I can't even begin to read German but isn't it the received wisdom to use Wilburs springs? I do not trust anything from Progressive Suspension any more. Once upon a time San Jose BMW sold performance springs for our bikes under the name of "CC Products" and that was considered to be the best you could buy. I have a set of their fork springs in my high mile K bike and even after more than 25 years and well over 200,000 miles of hard use they are not sacked and work wonderfully. You might try their website to contact them and see if they still offer anything for your bike.
    • Re: Progressive springs recommendation

      You might also check with Beachcomber how his progress is in the Realm suspension line. I believe a while back that they were going to start producing/selling front springs to compliment the rear shock.
    • Re: Progressive springs recommendation

      I cannot identify CC-Products in the European area. San Jose is an authorised US BMW dealer, right?
      The Wilbers fork springs are the most recommended in the EU flying brick community.
      Viele Grüße,

      K1200R Sport


      Nur wo "K" draufsteht ist auch "K" drin, egal ob verquert oder verziegelt ;)
    • Re: Progressive springs recommendation

      Yes San Jose BMW is a dealership in San Jose California. They have a racing pedigree, especially on the old airhead twins when they fielded a bike in the AMA Superbike series. A lot of innovation and quality performance parts came out of that era, both for twins and Ks and they still have a couple of guys there from back in the day who know how to tune older BMWs. Some of those parts are still around for sale, hence my comment. The guys who made those hairy chested K100 turbocharger kits are still in business in the Los Angeles area selling refined versions of what Matt Capri used to sell under the Luftmeister name. Our bikes refuse to die even as some of the partisans of the flying brick age and pass along.