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3 spoke wheels for K100rs

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    • 3 spoke wheels for K100rs

      Hi, I have a 1989 K100rs se ABS.

      I have 3 spoke 4 bolt wheels that I am swapping with my snowflakes.

      The front, the rare 2.5 x 18 3 spoke option has an issue that it all fits ok, apart when I tighten the wheel spindle. It pinches the forks too far in and stops the wheel from turning freely.

      Looking at forums, I think I need different spacers to make it all fit.

      I have fitted the correct bearings for the wheel with the larger (030) right bearing and normal LHS bearing with new large circlip. Both bearings sit well on their seats and I fitted a new central pipe too.

      Looking on the BMW fiche, they used to sell a 'retro fit kit' but I have been told this is no longer available. My right wheel spacer is 8 mm and the left is 27 mm.

      Can anyone help me with how I get the wheel to fit properly?

    • Re: 3 spoke wheels for K100rs

      I would have use the same bearings and spacers that came with the snowflake wheels. Alternatively you can switch to the spacers used on K-75s with those wheels because the fork tube spacing of the K100 and K75 are identical.