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North of Scotland Hazard

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    • North of Scotland Hazard

      A word to the wise for anyone planning to tour North of Scotland, Caithness and North Sutherland in particular this summer.
      I work on the roads up here and would warn riders to be very careful when entering passing places on single track roads as many of them are badly contaminated with loose sand left behind from gritting operations after the harsh winter we have just had.
      This will not be swept due to the clever people in charge thinking rainfall will wash it away.
      IT WILL NOT.
      Lose speed before entering them and do not brake hard in them.
      Don't let me put you off coming ,Other than that problem the roads are very good and scenery breathtaking.
      Just be careful.
    • Re: North of Scotland Hazard

      If only!
      Last time I came up to the far north, was to see relatives in Aberdeen in 1997 and I haven't had chance to see Scotland since!
      I can't believe they have bridged the Kyle of Lochalsh......

      Cheers for the warning!