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Renovating electric screen

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    • Renovating electric screen


      The mechanism of the electric window gets stacked when riding faster.
      Found this [url][/url]and will try it.
      Can be that I can't resist riding on gravel roads ( 90 % of our roads up here are gravel ) and the sand creeps in everywhere.
      Just ordered ztech windscreen from

      Another item swapped front and rear suspension to wilber as the stock has been there for 170kkm with sometimes full load and sometimes on rough roads.
      Will also renovate the front caliper as the rubber seems to be stiff after 20+y, making the brake pad pusing against the disks.

      Why not upgrade to a newer bike, IMHO I know this bike in and out and can fix most fault on roadside, secondly it's a bike you can tour at 170kmh for hours as well as enjoy twisties in the alps or follow GS freaks on gravel roads. ;):

      / Sven-Erik Tiberg
    • The main fault was that one screw on the vertical rail was missing.
      Cleaned and lubed the rails and mechanism on the winscreen engine.

      Set the position of screen guiders to the same extraction and tested the mechanism. Problem gone.

      Mounted a new screen…Ct=VA&SbCt=BA_15_40_VA_20 > "Z-Technik Windscreen VStream Clear Touring Screen | ZTA02455" and the wind / rain on the shoulders are gone.

      Mounted custom adopted suspension from
      New flexible break lines with steel net housing and plastic cover se Bleeding ABSII ( -94 K11 ) front break .

      Bike are nearly as new.

      Starting my yearly trip june 3 with shipping the bikes to england and flying over june 10 to pick them up. From there scottland for a week, then off to Antwerpen to dress up for a wedding near Hildersheim. By car passanger in a Porsche Panamera to the wedding. Back to Antwerpen to pick up the bike. Cleaning a storage in Lille before attending to a meeing in Bullangen Belguim ( ) and from there to Brittany over Normandie. Retruning home over Bordesholm south of Kiel > denmark and either Sweden up or ferry to Norway ( west coast Trondheim or Bodö and then home to clean both me and the bike. And rest for a week before a visit from Liechtenstein where I plan to drive to Lofoten. A bit off holliday 8):

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