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hazard lights comes on suddenyl

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    • hazard lights comes on suddenyl

      My hazard lights comes on suddenly from time to time.
      Sometimes by activating turning lights and sometimes by it selves.
      Comes off only by turning off the ignition or at one time had to unplug the indicator relay.
      PS. it's a -94 K11LT/SE.
      Can it be battery or alternator problem? or???
    • Have you checked for contact issues in the switch? Disassembly, cleaning and conservation? First things first before looking for ghosts...
      Good luck... :thumbup:
    • As my beemer are non-drivable due to problem with the front break, waiting for new break tubes, I have time to checking my electric. Starting with checking the switch, cleaning connector to the relay and new items cleaning earth points and checking / renewing the battery.
      A Q. where are the grounding points in the wire harness. Identified one at the starter are there more? Where?
    • Hoi Heinz

      Same as on the Old airheads. Battery earth runs to tranny and engine and the engine are "connected" to the frame trough the mounting bolts.
      And from the frame to the electric mainly in earth points under the tank.
      Need to replace the break lines in the front and those are running under the tank.
      Seems that getting the Tank off and play with wires and tubes will be the WE relax time.

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    • Checked the wiring,, OK Fair connection and isolation.
      The old switch weared but function OK.
      Fault was in the relay, exchanged it for another relay and function OK.