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K1100LT new suspension and breaks impressions.

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    • K1100LT new suspension and breaks impressions.

      Just made a 4 week trip round europe with new suspension and upgraded breaks.
      Swapped front springs to Wilbers progressive 10 cm longer springs and rear to new suspension unit also from Wilbers. A big difference as the old was original running 170kkm.
      A lot more comfortable for the pilon ( felt asleep on english / scottish roads ). And the handling was more precise of course.

      Also renovated the callipers and swapped to the new steel covered flexible break lines. The old rubber was gone inside making the breaks not release by releasing the levels.
      Did wear down the break pads and rotors. More precise handling of the breaks too easier to find the engage point and to apply break power by force with minimum motion of the handle.
      A tips on 15+y old bike swap your break lines.

      My alternator broke down on the way home but that's another thread.