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Winter tires for K11LT?

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    • Winter tires for K11LT?

      Beeing touring cross-europe for many years, and up here on more and more gravelroads with touring bikes.

      I'v got an idea to also ride winter season meaning mainly on snow / ice in our area, where we are allowed to drive on spike tires.

      Relived a old idea to attend to and for this I need winter tires preferable with spikes.

      Appreciate any impressions / tips on winter tires for -94 K1100LT?

      BTW. sold my old -77 R100RS / MKM 4V and bought a -07 K1200GT to replace to K11LT for touring.
    • Listen around and Heidenu's K60 scout with winter rubber mixture seems a god choise.…oint=2&profil=162&rtyp=10
      Reason in the winter ( nov-april ) our roads are mostly covered with snow and partly ice. Temp arround zero down to non so pleasent riding temp of -25C.
      Has to be rubber mixture that are soft even at lower temps.
      Spikes : normal car spikes in the middle and longer on the side. Know some workshops that use to put spikes in MC tires.
      This seems crazy .... so why not ;):
    • I have no idea on winter tires for your bike, but if you put such tires (especially with spikes) on your 12GT, please share some pictures - I would love to see that!
      Dominik ZH

      K1300GT (ZW03566, 8.09) / K1100R (ex RS) (0199457, 4.94) / K100RS 16V (0203406, 4.91)
    • It's for my +94 K1100LT/SE (170kkm) , easier to fix on roadside, spare parts are cheaper, I know the bike in and out, been riding it on gravel roads for a couple of years now ( appr. 30kkm ), harrower tires with lager diameter ( better on snow and gravel ) IMHO better than the K12GT tire set. Flatter torque over rew. Down side a bit heavy.
      Need to modify the cooler intake to avoid the engine running cold, air intake to avoid snow in the air filter. Re routing the airflow from the cooler / engine running to the side of the faring to run to my feets instead. More electric plugs for heated west ,,,
      Rerouteing the air intake can also decrease the amount of fine sand filling the air filter but after being wrenching on the bike I have notice that the fine sand-dust can go in everywhere so re-routing the air intake does not make any bigger change for gravel road riding.
      Have some fellow riders around here that enjoys winter riding that likely gives me advises.
      Photos on a bike for winter ride own by one of my "advisers"

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    • Hi
      Mounted Continental TKC80 with a lot of spikes [Blocked Image:]
      But my skill didn't match rough winter conditions so we ended the tripp both on the side, with bended crashbar on the bike and a broken color bone for me.

      [Blocked Image:]
      Removed the spikes and enjoyed gravelroads last fall:
      [Blocked Image: 17.30.13.jpg]
    • I think it depends a bit on what your own definition of winter tires is and what you're looking for. Do you want plain off-road tires like the TKC80's that you already have, or do you need tires that warm up well and stick to the road decently when you're riding at sub-zero temperatures?

      Some of the users here have fitted their K100 or K1100LT with Heidenau's K60's, both the regular version and the Scouts. The normal K60's are available with a rubber compound suitable for riding in winter. I rode K42's with said compound on my Simson and they worked well for me down to about -20° C on normal roads.