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replacement fuel filter

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    • Re: replacement fuel filter

      The Mason,
      Nice to see you back bud, really missed you. :thumbup: :D : Did the navy eventually relent? :police:
      How critical is pressure on the oil filter bypass? Is'nt it close enough on most makes of filter to not make a significant difference?
      I have been using a Fram filter for 5 years now without a hint of trouble and I recon here in Africa you don't need a bypass valve at all, as long as you change the filter regularly; mine, every 5-8,000 kilometers depending on riding conditions and elapsed time between oil changes. (mild gooey oil trying to squeeze thru filter material.)
      Ciao, OoB
    • Re: replacement fuel filter

      Hey, good to be back, I missed this place. Yeah, the computer security weenies were telling all and sundry not to participate in social media sites citing all the normal security concerns, plus many examples of how Federal officials, not necessarily military people, but FBI, judges, even some CIA analysts and the like jeapordized themselves and their organizations blabbing or putting personal information on Facebook. The Navy and Marine Corps were trying to ban members from Facebook altogether. Then the CNO got his own Facebook page (professionally managed by a staff) and the Navy's position with it's members became untenable. I was Linkdin with an Air Force Major and had to un-linkdin her to be legal. Some months after that the same computer security weenies started putting out e-mails telling everyone how to set their security settings on their Facebook pages, LOL. I figured it was ok after that.
    • Re: replacement fuel filter

      I wanted to add that the oil pressure on our bikes is so high, between 80-85 psi, that many filters intended for systems with lower normal oil pressuresthan K bikes have, like that filter for the BMW 318 many K bike owners are so fond of using, will bypass even if the filter is not clogged, simply by virtue of the high normal pressures our oil system uses. Something to think about when you reach for the ant-acids.
    • Re: replacement fuel filter

      These oil filters will all fit a K100, but not sure of the internal specs of them. Fram 3614, Wix 1348( formerly 51348), Mobil 1 M1-102, Perolator L-10241, Napa 1348 (Wix). I believe the Fram filter is a direct replacement with similar specks to the BMW filter, it's not cheeper but I can avoid shipping charges as I don't have a Dealer near me.
    • Re: replacement fuel filter

      Mi bike doesnt seems to care, but the idea is not mine I found it at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->.
      There are also other substitutions I´ve made like the injectors, the standard FJ27 instead the original Bosh 0280 150 210 taken from the same page.
      Is not only a mater of price but availability.
      Regarding the relief valve set pressure, this is the differential pressure at wich the valve opens (not the working pressure of the system). For the original filter is max22PSI. for the wix 51348 filter is max 11 psi. So it can take less dirt and so, you have to change it more often, ie. every oil change (5000km in my case)
      Best regards