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    • Polizeiweiss

      I have to repair and touch up my fairing in few places. With my bike came a can with over twenty years old paint, unfortunately not useable any more.

      On the can say´s;
      Acryl Lack 083
      BMW number 51 91 1 237 903

      Does anynone know if there is a BMW color number that I can use to compare and get the right paint? I can easely access Dupont, Sikkens and more paint types here.
    • Re: Polizeiweiss

      Hi TIV,

      you already got it: From the parts catalogue I see police white as number 083 which fits your number.
      Unfortunately this is not comparable to any RAL-number, so I am afaid you have to ask exactly for a can as you have, but a new one.
      Anyhow, if you only want to repaint partly be careful as after sevceral years the old paint on the bike hardly is similar to the new one fo same color.
      Good luck!

      best regards

    • Re: Polizeiweiss

      Thanks Bernhard
      OK, so 083 is the BMW number. I guess I´ll just find a color that is close for the touch-up. The plan is to repaint the whole fairing next winter. Then I can get the right color (or any color I like for that matter :)
    • Re: Polizeiweiss

      Make it bright and light, overwhelming evidence suggests its a major safety boost, if you make it look like a Police bike its even more pleasing in the efffect it has on motorists, frantic to get out of your way and be polite.

      "I am the Law" Judge Dredd!