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K100 the fuel pump is not working

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  • K100 the fuel pump is not working

    I have a serious problem with my BMW K100 RS '85. The fuel pump does not start when the ignition is switched on.

    The first thing I did was check the fuses.

    Turned out, that the second fuse is damaged counting from the bottom - 7,5A. I replaced the fuse

    The pump is OK - after applying the external power supply it works.

    The relay through which the pump is powered is not activated. After switching on the ignition, the relay does not "click". The relay itself seems to be functional, a characteristic "click" is heard when the external power supply is given.

    I replaced the ignition module, the one installed under the fuel tank, in the front part. Nothing has changed that.

    I also made a test with a wire that reaches the fuel pressure sensor, which is attached at throttles.
    I removed it from the sensor, I left it in the air - no change (the fuel pump relay does not click), I connected the cable to the ground - no change (the fuel pump relay does not click).

    Starter, indicators on the meter - work normally

    What to do? Do you have any ideas?
    Please help.