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Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

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    • Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      Hi, all.

      I'm a year-and-a-half into ownership of my '95 'naked' K75.

      Previous owner had mounted small windshield to handlebars. I have ridden it with the windshield off as it seems to create a very annoying vortex of wind that causes my helmeted-head to oscillate at highway speeds. I'm lacking a camera now to illustrate the height of the mounted windshield in relationship to height of my head, but I think most of you understand what I'm talking about.

      With the windshield off, my head doesn't shake or shimmy at all, which is very pleasant. Having said that, it's a bit warmer behind the windshield, but darned shaky for my head. I bundle myself up warm and tight when the weather is cold, so the windshield is not that much of an advantage in cold weather.

      I have not minded riding 'naked' at all, apart from the fatigue that occurs from leaning into the wind with my torso.

      SO, my question is, does this shaking/buffeting/oscillating occur behind the fairing(s) of the K75 RT, K100LT, or K100RS for the average-sized rider?

      I'm interested in all of your opinions, even as it may relate to the weather/climate/temperature where you live and ride.

      Hope you are enjoying the warm weather (in the Northern Hemisphere, that is.)

    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      Hi Bob,

      "bobgass" wrote:

      SO, my question is, does this shaking/buffeting/oscillating occur behind the fairing(s) of the K75 RT, K100LT, or K100RS for the average-sized rider?

      I'm interested in all of your opinions, even as it may relate to the weather/climate/temperature where you live and ride.

      Now, what is the average-sized rider? The one with the fat belly? :lollol:

      OK - I'm 190 cm for 95 kg and ride a K100LT in, say, "Central Europe" - link to more details in my signature.

      On my previous full-fairing bike, a R100TIC (RT), the fairing provided excellent weather protection but caused a lot of buffeting at highway speeds.

      On the K100LT, the upper part of the fairing is even better than on the R - almost no turbulences behind the fairing, and no buffeting (for the "but", see below). I have even observed that flies can stay on the gas tank at 80km/h ... :shock:

      As far as I know, three different versions of the windshield were available from BMW:

      * The "german" version, 430 mm, p/n 46632303660.
      * Installed on my LT: The "non-german" version, 565 mm, p/n 46632303565.
      * The version for "official vehicles", 625 mm, p/n 46632303608. I want to buy that one, one day ...

      The 565-mm screen causes a lot of wind noise, since I receive a stream of air directly "in the the face". The big difference to the R-RT is that this is "just" noise - no turbulences, almost no buffeting (except behind trucks).

      Weather protection: The protection for the rider's feet is less perfect on the K (compared to the R). The LT fairing is just perfect in cool/cold weather, less funny in summer ... even when I just ride for 10 km in summer, I'm drenched. No air. Legs will get very warm - it's not supportable in Jeans, so yet another good reason to ride ATGATT.
      Gruss aus der Westschweiz,
      - Joerg

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    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      Hello Bob,
      both my bikes are very noisy. I'm riding a K 100 RS and a K 75 RT and with my 1,83m height I need to put earplugs in although I have one of the most silent helmets going(C3)
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    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      In the interest of full disclosure, I'm 175cm and 96kg. Don't worry, it's all muscle :)

      I sit on the low seat version of the K75. The aftermarket windshield was put on by the previous owner.

      There is less noise behind the windshield, but that is not really the concern. The problem that I experience is the very fast shaking of my head which affects vision and equilibrium. Definitely not good, even on open flat highway.

      I just was curious to poll the forum on how much similar turbulence is experienced behind official BMW fairings on the various K-bikes.

    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      Hi Bob,
      I rode many miles on a K100RS with an open face helmet and experienced no buffeting, even two-up.
      Then I bought a non-popular full face and now when two-up my head buffets irregularly from side to side.
      So its not just the windscreen. In your case however, it is the screen. I'm sure the Forum can shed some light on the subject.
    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      Hi Bob
      I had a large windshield on my K75 some years ago. I was doing much Autobahn :D at that time.
      So I also had the buffeting and solved the problem. The thing is to get some flow behind the screen. Two Z-shaped angles at the lower shield fixations raised the lower edge by about two inches, allowing the air to flow in and spread behind the shield. The turbulences have disappeared.
      You may try this easily.
      Now I remember that the indicator lights were disturbing a little bit... it worked anyhow.
      Wish you much pleasure with the 75.
    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      I have no background in aerodynamics, but the suggestion to get some air flow behind the screen is probably a good one. Equalizing the pressure, as it were.

      Frank--I wear a full face helmet which is just fine with no windshield. Air flows easily across it, and my head stays 'rock steady' (there's a joke in there somewhere).

      Carsten--I do enjoy the 75. I've driven it about 7000 miles in a year and a half, and I just love it. It only has 13000 miles total, so I hope to drive it for many more miles.

      If this is as bad as it gets with the K (there's a jinx if I ever wrote one), then I'll be very content.

      Reading the forum has given me lots to learn (and problems to anticipate). I suppose I'll have to get behind different fairings to see if it's just me or if it's the actual windshields.

      Thanks, all.

    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      I see two ways to go. One is already mentioned, namely creating some airflow behind the windshield, and I think you will see many factory fairings have air vents at the base of the windshield for precisely this purpose. The other way is to get your head as close as possible to the windshield so your helmet is in front of the vorticies created by your windshield. This can be accomplished by a combination of rider position and a windshield that tips back closer to your head.
    • Re: Naked, Fairing or windscreen?

      Noise and buffeting is often a concern when sitting behind a fairing or a screen. To many factors are influencing this to have a general solution ready. Drivers size, postion, angle of the windscreen, type of helmet...all of these make up to the drivers satisfaction or disappointment. You will have to play with these factors. The initial idea of allowing some air to get behind the screen may be a good point to start with.

      Stell Dir vor, es geht, und keiner kriegts hin! :D


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