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Megasquirt ECU in K100

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    • Megasquirt ECU in K100


      since programmable ecu's seems to be my new hobby,
      once i can afford it, i want to put megasquirt ecu on my k100.
      i have all the free dyno time and professional help i need.
      i want to finaly tune the ecu by myself from a to z,
      i want to achieve best tune up in my k100,
      possibly turbocharge it in the future ( MS deals with boost control)
      and i want it to be flexifuel - petrol and ethanol in any proportions.

      anyone here with some experience in programmable ecu's?
      what do you reckon about the idea? :)
    • Re: Megasquirt ECU in K100

      Well Matt, you know what youre doing? In case of turbocharging, it seems to be better to let the original ecu do the job. For the right air fuel ratio at higher rpm´s add an additional fuel controller because it´s easier to program. For the flex fuel and turbocharging the megasquirt is a good choice but more complex.An option is the Trijekt ecu. Visit the site, very interesting.It all depends on how much money you will spent. Here is a good link for you, maybe you know it.BMWTurbocharging
      Best wishes
      Thin Lizzy rules.
    • Re: Megasquirt ECU in K100


      well i am getting gradualy better and better with engine management ;)
      when it comes to air fuel ratio the map would be built on either map sensor or hot plate or ultrasonic airflow meter.
      i am not sure if original k100 plate meter would do the job that precisly and whats more important - responsively.

      lately i have had quite a lot to do with motec m800 and building map from scratch so im am not affraid of mapping and complexity.
      flexi fuel seems to be a problem though.
      it is all just academic at this point, never the less i would like to do this in the nearby future.

      i like megasquirt because its fairly cheep and seems to do the job.

      will look up the trijekt though.
    • Re: Megasquirt ECU in K100

      In this wintertime i'm going to change the motor management on my old K100RT 1985 from the Jetronic to the Motronic 2.1 from a K100RS 16V including the air intake system.

      The Motronic 2.1 seems to be well known in the tuning scene, there are some chips like BBQ and Harman around to improve the power. On my K1, the harman chip ( original ! ) is a good one. May be it's also fitting well to my K100Rt with 2.1 and pistons from a K75 :mrgreen:

      Sometimes in march i should be able to write down my stories about the trial of the change to modern life ;)
      Schöne Grüsse, Ralf CH
    • Re: Megasquirt ECU in K100

      unfortunalty chipped motronic has very narrow boundries. it gives very primitive control system.
      i want to be able to fully map ecu, use launch control, boost control and other procedures.
      i want to work with closed o2 loop system.
      and what is more important to run in on e85.

      only fully programmable ecu is taken under consideration.
      and i cant afford haltech neither motec.
    • Re: Megasquirt ECU in K100

      thank you for that link i will be able to contact the owner now :)

      unfortunalty it also cooled mi down.
      65hp from injected turbo high compresion 750ccm motor?!
      not too much im affraid.
    • Re: Megasquirt ECU in K100

      mit freundlichen grussen,
      bikes, booze, motorhead!


      If you like to gamble I tell you I´m your man. You win some, loose some, it´s all the same to me... :lollol:
      Thin Lizzy rules.
    • Re: Megasquirt ECU in K100

      I think you'll find the original L-Jetronic to be more tunable than what you are playing with. With L-Jet you change the pre-load of the return spring on the vane in the air flow meter, and the position of the potentiometer relative to the vane. There are lots of automotive web pages that describe adjustment of L-Jet. It is well understood by the hot rod crowd.
      You can bump rail pressure and install higher flow injectors as well if you go for a lot of boost. All of this was done decades ago by Matt Capri. There were also adjustable ignition systems, and I think Matt Capri still has a few of these in his warehouse. He owns South Bay Triumph in Lomita California if you want to contact him for advice or any hot rod parts, like ceramic three petal clutches, he has left over from the Luftmeister days.