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Beachcomber's back

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    • Beachcomber's back

      Hi guys, been away for a while now :cry: - loooong story.

      Ill health with a serious kidney problem for last half of last year, ongoing until Feb this year - then a visit to Reichenau to recharge the batterries and on my return to find my PC had been hacked and ALL my internet address' and contacts had been compromised - including this one. :evil: :evil:

      I eventually got my PC deep cleaned an only just getting back all my old contacts.
      So ..........Uwe, Michael, Tractor, Anne-Rita and others here's my new home mail <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.

      Lot's to catchup on - not least being this year's Pig Roast / BBQ !! :thumbup: :thumbup:
    • Re: Beachcomber's back

      Well - that was a bit previous .......................... :cry:

      I THOUGHT all was OK, and then in August I had a relapse - then my eldest Daughter [43] had an emergency hole in heart operation [ successful ], my middle Daughter [ 28 ] had a brain tumour scare [ all OK ] and THEN I had a bad fall and damaged my spleen which has effectively wiped out the last 6 months of my life !!!

      I'll be back working on the Kay Fighter in the next month and the plan is to have it completed for the Summer - yes I know I said that 2 years ago !

      Thanx for the contact and birthday wishes Tractor / Babel - and Uwe, I'll be in touch soon.

      Please everyone excuse my abscence - back AGAIN now - promise. :thumbup: