What to renovate on a 170.000 km K1100?

  • Hi
    As my alternator broke down after 170kkm I'm in för a general renovation of the bike.
    - Renovated steering head bearings on 130kkm and 150kkm ( a bit of bumpy gravel roads ).
    - Welded together the frame for front faring.
    - Swapped pivot bearing at final drive. 140kkm.
    - Swapped the big bearing in the final drive together with cover and sealing 150kkm.
    - Starter new free wheel unit.
    - Renovated callipers and replaced flexible break lines. 165kkm.
    - Clutch, Pressure plates and sealings at flywheels 140kkm.
    - Rubber boot for clutch at the back of tranny 130 kkm.
    - Fork sealing 120kkm and 165kkm ( install rubber boot / gator from R100/7 at 120 kkm ).
    - New screen.

    What to look for / replace waterpump sealing?, camshaft chain, electric switches ?, ,, enjoy the bike so I would like to ride another 100kkm.
    Appreciating any tips.

  • Living in sweden with a bit more liberal vehicle inspection than MOT or TüV, one option are to install a less used K1200 engine. Crazy or not !??

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