Beachcomber's 5th annual Pig Roast

  • OK guys here are the dates. :welco:drinkingcheers:

    The Pig-Roast will take place over the weekend 31st. July / 1st.August. That's the official dates.

    I need to know the people who are definitely interested. Uwe of this Parish has agreed to deal with the "German" side as my German is nicht gut.

    He has suggested a small charge to cover the cost of the Pig and the other accessories [ wurtz, etc.].

    Now then - beer :thumbup::thumbup: . I can get crates of beer in the cellar and then people can buy it for let's say a little over cost.

    I have bedrooms [ 6 ] with new double beds and one with a "Queen size" bed [ Good for parties !! :cool: ]. Then we have a double bed / sofa in the living room + many other sofas and another 10 rooms - one is the dancehall - for 200 people !

    I will discuss the costings more with Uwe - this is not to make a profit - but I cannot pay for all myself.

    If anyone wants to arrive before - or leave afer the dates that is no problem, but I must know.

    Not long now.................... OMG :drinkingcheers: :jumpeveryone:

  • Beachcomber

    IS Mein host, not sure whether I will make it, but I'm sure it will be a spectacular event!



  • More than welcome JBW - we're flying courtesy of RyanAir [ £80 return ], so no bike this year for me :cry:

  • hey here, here I I I I :D
    coming with Ute. Sleeping i didn't know in time...

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