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    coming up at Alexandra Park near Wood Green, "Ally Pally", 26-28/02/10 entrance Adult £15 Seniors/OAPS £12, Children £5, book early £2 off, but children still at a £5 Age 7-14 see weblink <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->.

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    Anyone going?


  • JBW,
    I met up with a few of the lads.....I rarely miss Ally Pally when it is to do with bikes or cars.
    The Asians have bought the place now and the staff are mostly Asian. Post your picture so I need not to keep looking over my shoulder. Saw a lot of chaps that looked like Beachy. There was a Manx Norton (real Norton) there in all its glory with Two Mags on the side. I was asked to move on as the dribble was splashing the polish. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Ajays,
    Re-Wallet, Manx Norton, being delivered to my home this week, as for an image of me, Ajays, isn't it more fun this way?

    Who used to own Ally Pally, does it, (being owned by Asian's), make a difference?

    The thing is they, (the Asians within there own individual cultures), pool their money, trust one another and invest. Its a sad fact, but the English/British, find it hard to work together, especially with respect to trust and regarding money. A different more focused outlook with regards to property has also has happened in home ownership, pooling money has in many areas, allowed wholesale purchase of properties, which has caused bad feelings amongst some of the local white populations.
    An old problem, you can read about it in the Bible, just other races and cultures involved no less, if you want to!

    Being, fiercely independent, often has costs in other areas of life.

    Glad, you had such a good time, but last minute drama here meant for me this year ALLY Pally wasn't possible , Ho Hum!



  • JBW,
    It has made no difference to the running of functions by the change of ownership....but you would not stand a chance to be employed there. A closed I am Not a racist...but my country is being taken from me slowly.
    But at my age does it matter? I would emigrate if I was younger. I just tinker with my K's and don't do politics anymore.

    Going to the Margate Airshow in June 19/20th?

  • Ajays,
    Is It a question of opportunity, or a different mindset of different racial and cultural groups?
    I sincerely can say, there are people of my own race, that have done more harm to me in my life-time, than anyone with a coloured face or of another race.

    Its easy to blame someone else, someone different, but there's a naivety among many people born in Britain, thinking that their own country owes them a living, it does not, but what it should provide is opportunity and valid skill and employment training/instruction for all.
    Then there are corrupt and crazy political systems, Nationally and in Local Government that seem to have no-ones interests, apart from their own in mind.

    Case in point the Local Council have approved and it has now been carried out the destruction of four 18th century Fisherman's cottages, so a developer can build six or eight houses on the land, just down the road from me and in a neighbouring village even though the locals have campaigned against it, some old houses are going to be knocked down and an adjacent mature orchard is going to bulldozed and developed for houses, that almost no-one wants or will be able to afford.

    All economic crises, usually throw up something nasty, Nazi Germany was brought to its knees in 1945, but one of the great reasons for the birth of extremism in post World War One was caused through bad economic decision making and control exercised by Politicians through the Treaty of Versailles.

    Yes, an needless aggressor, should be punished, but you have to nurture the rebuilding of "new" states constructively.

    The Jews in Israel seem to have learned very little from the WW2, they seem to have set up a fascist state in the Middle East and then go out and bully their Arab neighbours, displacing them from a land they have occupied since Biblical times.
    We in the UK, had to deal with Empire and therefore immigration and cultural issues and change are heavily involved here, then came Europe ,but what has been wrong it the wanton destruction of what made Britain, Britain; through legislation and political agendas of rapid and increased enforced homogenisation Secularisation e.t.c The backbones of this Country, the Church and the Pub ironically are now being destroyed, both politically and economically, both were important from community points of view.

    And in State Schools our children generally are taught almost nothing about our history, our cultural inheritance, sure learn about others, but set it in a "bedrock" of our own.
    My grandchildren, virtually know nothing about history or Easter or the geography of the country, apart from what family members have told them. I am not particularly religious in a conventional sense, but a least I had something to cling on to when I was growing up, later through experience and maturity you can accept or reject or modify, what you were told, but it did give me a sense of what was right and what was wrong. I admit things have to change but.... with forethought and care...surely things could be better for everyone.
    As a mate once said, you prune a tree and nurture it, to grow into something spectacular, you don't cut off the branches and dig out the leave a barren desolate hole, that will need much replanting, care and attention to bear fruit once again.

    Bikes and stuff are an interest are a hobby, but life just is never going to stop knocking on your front door, it is whether you open it or not and see if you can make things better, that is the difficult bit!



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