Coolan flow schema

  • Hello!

    I have been looking at drawings and the bike and I am not able to figure out how the coolant flows in the brick engine.
    Is there any thermostat bypass channel? Or maybe I don't get how temperature regulation should work.
    From the beginning. I have changed the radiator to 3 core from K100. I've assumed that the thermostat will handle temperature management and engine will war up normally in short circuit and then thermostat will do its work. I've tested the thermostat - works fine, yet the engine is whole time a bit too cold, and gets warm up too long. So WTF? Is there a bypass channel?
    So if Someone can explain to us the way the coolant flows and regulation works I would be more than happy.

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  • Lammi_HH thanks a million. That clears a lot to me. So it looks like that when engine goes over 85 then the radiator is enough big to hold the temperature around 85-90 and thus it don't get any warmer until really hart or hot conditions.

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  • The thermostat is working in two ways. Just to keep it simple:

    1 - bike warms up; cooling water is pumped round by the pump, water bypasses the radiator through the hose behind the radiator, going from the stub with the temperature sensor to behind the thermostat, to the suction hose of the pump.

    2 - Cooling water warms up, thermostat opens and part of the cooling water flows through the bypass and part flows through the radiator, keeping the temperature at approx. 85 degrees C.

    3 - If the temperature rises further the bypass of the radiator will be closed off (the little 'disc' on the thermostat) and full flow will be through the radiator.

    Hope that helps.

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