Imported trailer and speedlimits

  • Hi.

    Cracked the main bearing in the final drive last summer in france

    It was repaired at a Citroen garage and as I was running out of holliday and was not complealty shure that the repair was perfect, I bought a car and a trailer .
    Had appr. 3000 km return trip in 4 days.

    A great 4 wheels trailer with no breaks and 200kg for 750E.
    Driving 130kmh ( in france ) with bike on and it was rockstable on the road. ( Used appr. 2L/100 km extra at 110kmh )

    Allowed to drive the same speed with as without loaded trailer in france and belgium.
    Copied the licence number from the car to the trailer, drawed on paperstrip according to frence law.

    Was stopped by the highway polise in Niederland driving 110kmh , telling me the limit are 90 kmh with trailer.
    The let me go as I was tellin them that I tried to find the regulations for Niederland , showed the the cracked bearing, telling that I had some distance to cover and one of the policmen had a beemer :)

    Passed germany in 90kmh, don't know the limit but followed the stream of trucks and trailers.
    Denmark and Sweden 80 kmh. My right foot are so greatful for Cruise Control ;)

    Now it pussels me what is the speed limit(-s) in Germany / Swiss / Austria / Italy / ,, with breaked / non-breaked trailer? weight limits? Signs?,,

    Have also a bit of challange importing the trailer to Sweden from Belgium/France.
    In France you do not need to register a non-breaked trailer so it has no chassinumber / in Sweden you must register all trailers exept boat trailers with a max speed of 30kmh.
    A non-breaked trailer have a max weight of 750kg incl. load in Sweden.
    At registring the trailer must have chassi number, manufacture certificate and saftey bars on the side max. 10cm inside the outside of the fenders.
    No need to visit TüV ( car inspection ) every 2 year as for trailers with breaks.

    What are the roules in your country.

    Good to know if you plan to put the bike / bikes on trailer to your favourite biking area.

    PS. A broken driveshaft from a totaly wracked and burned down K11RS

    PSS: The beemer are in full service again, a bit dirty and wrong tires for our country back roads ;)
    Put some moveis from south sweden, sloveina, dolomites and north sweden ( gravel 700km in 2 days ) at search for luletibbe. ( Europrez, EuroPrez LG and Silverlandet 2011 )

  • Hallo, ich hab´das mal durch den Gockel-Übersetzer gejagd:

    Antwort (wie immer ohne Gewähr!):

    In D:

    - innerorts: 50km/h
    - außerorts: 80km/h; egal wie schwer der Anhänger hat, egal wieviele Achsen. Ausnahme gibt es auf Autobahnen, wenn ein bestimmtes Gewichtsverhältnis zwischen Zugfahrzeug und Anhänger besteht (Dann darf man nur auf der BAB mit 100km/h fahren.)

    Anhänger ohne Bremse nur bis 750 Kg gesamtmasse, darüber immer mit Bremse, egal wieviel Achsen.

    Viel Freude beim Fahren.

  • Hoi Michael

    ( Ohne übersetser ;).

    Vielen dank für deine erklärung.

    Gleich als in Schweden bis 80 km/h geschindigheitsbegrensung wie auto ohne anhänger.
    Daruber nur 80 ausname in Deutchland BAB 100kmh.
    Bis 750 kg gesamtmasse ohne bremse, dauber immer mit bremse.

    Ausname: In Schweden gibts keine geswindigheits ausname für Autobahn gleich max. 80 kmh.
    Gesamtmasse auto und anhänger unter 3500kg = normal auto-fahrerschein. Daruber zusats für schwere anhänger.
    Max. gesamtmasse anhänger ohne bremse max 50% auto/Motorrad ( Töff ) masse inkl. fahrer ( Dienstgewicht ).


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