Replacing gearindicator -94 K11.

  • Hi

    Lost the gear indicator on instrument.
    Guessed it was the gear indicator switch on the tranny so I ordered a new from motorworks,
    Tested to plug in the new gear indicator switch and it worked.
    To my Q, do I need to remove the swing to replace the switch or is is better to remove it.
    Bin there and done it before as replacing clutch, swapping engine ,,, Just asking because I'm a bit lazy.


  • Hi Tibbe.

    Usually you must always remove the swing to replace the switch. Except you have tiny fingers. ;) Perhaps you must also remove the exhaust.

    Kind regards


  • Well took the wekend for a bit of "basteln"; reardrive out, swing out and swapping the gear indicator switch. ( in a non heated garage appr >= +5C outside, well dressed ).
    No need to take out the exhaust - silencer.
    Also removed the drive axis and made 2 clear marks where the universel joints ( "kreuzgelenke" ) lines up to avoid cyclic twist on the drive axis.
    Plugged the gear indicator switch in and tested , no indication > "tears" > took a rest and went back to find out I had plugged it into the tank connector, they are similar though tank connector has a label with "tank" on it. Fortunllay haden't installed the MCU that control the relay for petrol pump. So no damage made. Plugged it in on the right connector and it's working perfectly with gear indicator and green lamp coming on at neutral could even crank the engine w/o pulling the clutch level.

    Was a bit scary to ride in Lappland a mount ago with only the clutch level to operate to crank the engine.
    Joined the anual x-country ride in ölate summer mostly on gravelroads. appr 1000km on a WE.
    From 2014: note: my K1100LT are the darkblue bike.

    When I had stripped the bike I took the opportunity to mount a new cluch wire, as the old had snapped last summer i Czeck Republic and was repared at a small workshop in Ostrava with a inner wire from another bike + turning connector + soldering. Was a bit harder to operate and would probably work for another 100kkm but why take a risk so I ordered a new from Motorworks.
    Left the custom made clutch wire on the bike just in case the new one snapps. A habbit from times way back riding off-road.
    BTW. had to ride appr. 100km w/o a clutch trough Czech republic, got a great help from my travel partner who rode ahead and told me the trafic situation over intercom.

    Swapped the hazard switch as well, it's kind of usefull in mid europe trafic as you know.
    Was a bit of fiddling with wires under the tank - a bit tight with other wires.

    Next have to renovate the handbreakswitch probably clugged with fine sand or / and salt from shipping the bike with carrier over the nortsea last summer from home to england. Will start a new tread on this.

    After all this fixing it should be fit for new adventures.

    BTW. Bought a -07 K1200GT a mounth ago for long range touring and couldn't resist testing on gravel roads, works fine more stable frame but will slip easier on small rocks on the roads due to wider tyres and less weight. And it has only 47kkm on the odo tha K1100LT has 170kkm and the R100RS / 4V Krausser I sold a mounth ago has 300kkm.

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