Replacing roller bearring on alternator shaft - K1100

  • Hi

    The course of my engine broke down last summer was a broken roller bearring on the alternator shaft located crankshaft house.

    Probalby the course of the breakdown was that I didn't fit well the alternator to the shaft i.e. placing the fins on the alternator between the rubber parts on the shaft.
    Replaced the engine with a f.d. police bike engine that had runned appr. 45000 km. The head was also damage in that engine and replaced it with head from another crashed bike.

    Consider replacing the bearring just to have done it. Any partsnumbers / FAG numbers? and anyone replaced that bearring?

    BTW. have a extra set of rims that has now Continental TKC80 tires. Next to fit spikes and very carefull try winterride on snow and ice.
    From this on I will use the K1100LT/SE for fun arround here for fun on non tarmac roads. Got a -07 K1200GT for touring ( occationally also on gravel ).

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