Heavy throttle

  • Helllo there!

    I've just bought a nice K100Rs 16valve and I feel the throttle movement too heavy. I'm used to a much newer BMW, were the throttle operation is as light has a feather; the K's is so heavy that I start to get cramps in my hand.

    Is there something that can be done to improve or this is just the way it is? I've tried to oil the cable, spray WD40 to the butterflies shaft and there was some improvemnt but not the one I would like to feal...

  • Hi

    Great fault. WD 40 or any oil destroys the teflon shelter of the cable inside. It grows and it makes the throttle harder and harder up to full stop.

    Try a new one, after your WD40 spray there is no alternative.

    Next: Check the grip position, if it is to near to the switches, it brakes too. Also the "load" at the end of the bars can be in wrong position... Never spray any oils or WD40 on the throttlebodies, it collects more dust and sand if oily - no good idea! :D

    Schöne Grüsse, Ralf CH

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