The BMW K-Series

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Never before there has been such a radical change in the history of BMW motorcycles as in 1983 when BMW presented the K100 series of motorcycles. At that time, the K100 was that full of innovative concepts that even now, 18 years later, no one believes that it's already a “Youngtimer”. That is why the proud owner of a K – model nowadays in fact has two bikes in one:

A modern and a classic motorcycle.



This homepage is especially dedicated to

Josef Fritzwenger (right)

(deceased Setember 3rd, 1988)  the man, who turned over the engine sideways and

Stefan Pachernegg (left),
(deceased February 20th, 1987)He led the K 100 to SOP)


 This website is also dedicated to all those members of the BMW “family” who never lost faith in the future of motorcycles at BMW and kept their goal in sight even in bad times.We owe their skills and enthusiasm one of the world´s finest motorcycles – not perfect, but sophisticated as only few other bikes.
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