Type Overview

The four cylinder series (K589)

1983-1987 K100
Basic model, presented on September 1st, 1983, prior to the models with fairings. Extra charge for digital clock. Watercooled four cylinder in-line engine, 987cc, 90 DIN-HP at 8000 rpm, Bosch LE-Jetronic, shaft drive, gas tank with 22 Litres (5,8 US-gallons), 239 kg, 215 km/h (134 mph). Price 1983: 12,490 DM
11.549 produced

1983-1989 K100 RS
Sports tourer, most successful K-Bike so far, rubber-mounted engine, longer gear ratio than other models. From 1987 on, sports suspension (as K75S) and from 1988 on ABS 1 available at extra charge. Technical data same as basic model except 249 kg, 221 km/h (137 mph). Price 1983: 15,190 DM
34,804 produced

1984-1988 K100 RT
Tourer with hard bags and “Nivomat” style rear shock absorber (self-adjusting, load-dependent). Technical data same as basic model except 253 kg. Price 1983: 15,600 DM
22,335 produced

1986-1991 K100 LT
Tourer with additional equipment. Like K100 RT, but in addition radio kit, topcase, comfort seat and painted hard bags. Offered in addition to the RT, but replaced it in 1989. Technical data same as basic model except 283 kg. Price 1986: 18,530 DM
14,899 produced

1987-1990 K100 (Mark II)
Basic model, no technical changes, with K75 fuel tank and lowered seat. From 1988 on, ABS 1 was available at an extra charge. Technical data same as Mark 1 model except gas tank volume 21 Liters (5.5 US-gallons), 240 kg.
Price 1987: 14,400 DM
1322 produced

1988-1993 K1
Sports bike with four-valve engine and “Paralever” style rear suspension. Many changes against the normal K100, e.g. different wheels, brakes and shock absorbers. 100 DIN-HP at 8000rpm, Bosch Motronic, shaft drive. Fuel tank volume 22 Litres (5.8 US-gallons), 234 kg, 240 km/h (149 mph). Price 1988: 20,200 DM
6921 produced

1990-1992 K100 RS 4V
Revised version with K1 engine, wheels, brakes and “Paralever” suspension. Like the K1, valve clearance adjustment requires taking off the camshafts. Technical data same as K1 except 259 kg, 232 km/h (144 mph). Price 1990: 19,950 DM
12,666 produced

1991-1997 K 1100 LT
First BMW bike with 1100 cc four valve engine. Super tourer with Paralever suspension and new fairing. Windscreen may be adjusted electrically. Water cooled straight four, 1092 cc, 74 kW / 100 PS / 7500 U/min, Bosch Motronic MA 2.2, shaft drive. Fuel tank 22 litres, 290 kg, 215 km/h.
Price 1991: 22,850 DM
21312 produced

1992-1996 K 1100 RS
Sports tourer with new fairing and K1100 LT engine. Reinforced frame, re-worked suspension. Technical data same as K1100 LT except 268 kg, 220 km/h.
Price 1992: 21,950 DM
12,179 produced

since 1996 K1200 RS
Completely new bike with “Telelever” suspension, the engine was derived from the 1100 version. In 2001, the bike was re-engineered and equipped wita an integrated ABS and a new fairing. Watercooled straight four, 1171 ccm, 92 kW / 130 PS / 8800 U/min, Bosch Motronic MA 2.4, shaft drive. Gas tank volume 20,5 litres, 285 kg, 254 km/h (96 kW version). 72 kW at no extra charge (important for German insurance).
Price 1996: 27,400 DM

since 1998 K1200 LT
Suspension similar to the K1200 RS, engine produces more torque but less hp. Luggage system, radio, cruise control. Extensive luxury equipment. Technical data same as K1200 RS except 72 kW / 98 PS / 6750 U/min, 200 km/h, 385 kg.

Revised engine (2004 model) now produces 85 kW / 115 PS.
Price 1998: ?

since 2002 K1200 GT
Grand tourismo version of K1200 RS, engine and suspension similar to K1200 RS but larger fairing, comfort seat and handlebar. Luggage rack and hard bags are standard. Technical data like RS, but 300 kg, 245 km/h (96 kW version). 72 kW at no extra charge (important for German insurance).
Price 2002: € 15,800

The three cylinder series (K569)

1985-1990 K75 C
Basic model of the triples. Balancer weights compensate vibrations, the only K with drum brake at the rear. Watercooled triple, 740cc, 75 DIN-HP at 8500rpm (50 DIN-HP at 7000rpm on request). Bosch LE-Jetronic, shaft drive. Fuel tank volume 21 Litres (5.4 US-gallons), 227 kg, 200 km/h (124mph).
Price 1985 12,890 DM.
9566 produced

1985-1995 K75 S
Sports tourer, with shorter suspension. Disk brakes at the rear, too. Technical data like “C” model except 229 kg, 210 km/h (131mph). As “K75 S Special” in late 1986 equipped with engine spoiler (standard since 1988).
Price 1985 13,990 DM
18,649 produced

1986-1996 K75
Basic model, first offered alternative to the “C” but replaced it in 1990. Cheapest BMW K ever, although with sport suspension and rear disk brake as standard from 1990 on. Disk brakes at the rear, too (both like K75 S). Technical data like “C” model.
Price 1986 11,990 DM
18,485 produced

1989-1996 K75 RT
Tourer similar to the K100 RT, since 1992 with electrically adjusted windshield and new three-spoke wheels. Hard bags are standard. Was used as Police bike in Germany and many other countries. Technical data like K75 C, except 258kg, 185 km/h (115mph).
Price 1989 16,900 DM
21.264 produced

These technical data are only a small extract in order to keep this site clear.
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